mystery box w/ cup


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$60 mystery boxes come with 7 items ( lashes & accessories)

$85 mystery boxes come with a venti bling top cup & 5 items ( lashes & accessories)

Image of Full bling Venti cup
Full bling Venti cup
Image of Venti bling cup
Venti bling cup
Image of Cupcake bag
Cupcake bag
Image of Matte butterfly clips
Matte butterfly clips
Image of Ice cream bag
Ice cream bag
Image of Lovin purp hand bag
Lovin purp hand bag
Image of So Blue Hand Bag
Sold out
So Blue Hand Bag
Image of Midnight Crossbody
Midnight Crossbody
Image of Letter Necklace ( Pre- Order )
Letter Necklace ( Pre- Order )
Image of Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer
Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer
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Butterfly clips
Image of Custom picture case
Custom picture case
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